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Paragraph of the Week (Part 24)

As life gets busier and busier, the blog becomes more and more forgotten. But not totally! Not yet anyways… So for this week, another paragraph to a story that I hope the constant readers haven’t completely forgotten about.

They turned down one of the side streets and headed to the lake. The buildings varied from luxurious homes, complete with winding staircases, driveways, and statues in the small, gated front yards to heavy, squat apartment buildings worn from years of misuse; almost every structure was ancient and tired looking. One building, a wide and tall structure with a yellowish brick, made John turn his head and stop. He had gone up the stairs to it almost every day for a month, and every time he always felt tricked.

When he had first been looking for an apartment, John had replied to an ad that advertised brand new units. It had seemed too good to be true, and it had been.


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