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Paragraph of the Week (Part 25)

It has been another long absence, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. For those of you that follow my Facebook page, you’ll know what I mean. And for the rest, last week I married a beautiful woman who I love so very much. So, as you can imagine, it was a busy week. Anyways, back to the blog! To start out with, I think we need another paragraph of the week. You might have forgotten where this story is going, hell even I have, but that’s alright! The archives are there for a reason!

The waitress, a thin girl with a lace fringed smock, stained with a rainbow of colors, dropped off the orange chicken, a bowl of rice, and two sets of chopsticks. She smiled and went back to talking with her coworker behind the register. Jacques flourished one of the napkins, placing it on his lap and breaking apart the chopsticks. John watched him peck at the rice and chicken.
“Come on,” Jacques said, motioning to the meal. “It is pretty good.”
“You never answered my question.”
Jacques smiled. “Let’s just eat in peace.”
“After all these years, that’s all you have to say?”
“There’s a lot I could say, but I don’t believe it is the time for it.”
“Then when will it be the time?”
John snapped his chopsticks in two. “Fuck that.”
“Monsieur, easy now. Why are you so upset with me?”
“Why? WHY? You ran out after…after…she…” John rested his forehead on his trembling hand. “I just wanted to talk with you.”
“And now we are talking. Just…just be patient. It is all I ask. Nothing is easy these days.”
“Yeah, nothing is easy.”
They ate in silence, staring at the food and the table. When the meal was finished, Jacques threw a twenty down, stood up, and opened the door. John followed him, a gust of cold air lashing his flesh, raising his skin in bumps and pricks.
Jacques stopped just outside, eyes focused on a strobing streetlight trying to blink on. “Is that going to be all for today?”
“Let’s take a walk.”
“Guess we need to catch up on old times, right?”
John nodded and reached for the missing key that should have been around his neck. “That, and I could use some help.”
“With what?”
“Dropped something earlier. It’s a two man operation to get it back, so I’ll need your help.”
“Then lead the way.” Jacques half bowed and flourished his hand.


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