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A Short About Editing

Besides being a writer, I do a large amount of editing (which is part of the reason this blog goes into stealth mode for long periods of time).  And through the years, I have worked for a lot of companies, editing everything from novels to dissertations (in every style imaginable).  Recently, I came across one company: Paper True.  They seem like a great company, and to begin working for them, one of the requirements is posting a short post on my blog.

Paper true, found at, is a proofreading services that serves almost everyone.  In the past, I have enjoyed editing for companies like these.  Finding a wide array of people and working on all different kinds of projects is exciting.  I’ve read about mobile services in Indonesia and stock index comparisons in China and a 19th century British art collector.  The best thing about sites like paper true, at least from an editor’s perspective, is the range of work you can read through.

But it is not only the range of work that makes me excited for working at a place like paper true, it is just the editing itself.  As a writer, I have come to love (and in most cases need) pulling stories from my head and making them come to life.  As an editor, I have the chance to do this, and even a bit more.  I get to see others’ ideas, mold them, shape them, form the sentences to fit the messages, and tidy up the work.  As the writer, I throw everything out there and hope for the best.  As the editor, I pick up everything the writer tossed out and shape it into something wonder.  And truly, there is no better feeling.


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