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Paragraph of the Week (Part 28)

And here is the paragraph of the week. If you forgot how the story started, just check out the archives! Look under writing and you’ll have everything up to this point. Now, on with the story!


“Something wrong?” Jacques asked.
John shook his head. “Nothing.”
He began shuffling forward. A few flurries drifted down, melting on his arms. His leather jacket kept his core warm, and if he had wanted to push down the sleeves, it would have done the same for his arms. Then the cold couldn’t singe his flesh. Then it wouldn’t have felt so good.


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Some Reading Recommendations

I thought I would do something a bit different today and write about some book recommendations. Some of these are quick reads, some are some lengthier ones, and all of them have the links posted. So, if you like what you see, go on and read! And the best part? It isn’t self promotion! How often do you see that from an author?

So here we go.

Number 1:

A Feast for Crows

Maybe you already read this book and the next one in the series, A Dance of Dragons, and are awaiting the next in the series. But, as a fantasy writer who recently picked up the series again (Mr. Martin needs to write faster!), I had to include this one on the list. Some say its slower, but let’s face it, everything can’t be a summer block buster thriller. Enjoy the characters and setting. You won’t regret it.

Number 2:

Minecraft – Battle for Survival

I thought I would include a more indy piece here. I like supporting authors that publish their stories on their own, especially ones well written. And even though the target audience for novel is younger, the writing is still great. It’s a quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed this find.

Number 3:

The Artful Edit

As a note, I’ve only began to scan over this one, but from what I’ve seen, it’s going to be a great help. Any writer needs to look at their own work and be able to edit it. This novel is specifically for those writers out there that need just a little guidance in this field.

And that’s all for today. Enjoy the reads and maybe there will be some more recommendations in the future. Until then, just keep up with the story on here (we’ll get through it, I promise)!

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Paragraph of the Week (Part 27)

And I thought I would post more…well, that didn’t happen. But it could! But it might not… But it could! If you haven’t guessed already, I kinda feel like this about getting around to posting (when I have the time that is)

Anyways, with that being said, here is the paragraph of the week!

The remodeled interior was a tricking jester, one that kept the attention off the old facade. John had thought they had done a nice job remodeling, but the glass pane doors, new furniture inside and out, kitchen, gym, and lounging area still couldn’t deceive him. He had seen what the building really was, especially when he had first stepped into his apartment. It had been nice, but the outdated appliances, recently painted walls, and half peeled off Radiohead sticker on the air conditioner had shown him that the building had more history than the owners wanted him to know about.

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