Paragraph of the Week (21)

And we’re back to our regularly scheduled program. On a quick side note, I believe I said I would make a post about writing a novel and how consuming it becomes. Well, as you can see, my theorem holds true (or I’m just lazy). One of these days I’ll do it. One of these days (and the book is almost done now)…


Well anyways, to make up for the lack of posts, another longer edition of the paragraph of the week. Enjoy!

John watched Jacques tap the board and put in the order. He lingered in the front, staring at the men behind the bar, watching them throw a piece of meat on the flames. It sizzled and cracked, the tiny space filling with the aroma of frying chicken. Jacques turned, coming back to the seat with a grin.
“She said they will bring it out to us in ten minutes,” Jacques said, sitting down across from John.
“Uh huh.”
“I was surprised when you called me today. I didn’t even know you were in town.”
“Don’t know who was more surprised, you or me. Never thought I would call you again, not in a million years. How could I?”
“Easily it seems.” Jacques laughed.
“Funny, it’s all so funny. I wasn’t even sure the number Jones gave me would work, not after you ran like that.”
“I didn’t run.”
“Then where were you all those days after? Why did you leave the force the very next day? I go there, trying to talk to you, and I’m told you left. Then I go to your apartment and it’s vacant. You know what that says to me? It just screams ——”


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