Paragraph of the Week (18)

Remember how I said writing a book consumes everything and I would make a post about it? Well, that’s coming. It didn’t come this week because…well…writing a book takes over everything. Anyways, this week’s paragraph is a bit early and pretty long (I can’t just put one line of dialogue for a paragraph, it would technically be true, but it would also be cruel). Enjoy!

“I wouldn’t miss this, not after what happened before. I’ve been wanting to talk to you ever since you ran.”
“I’m the one who ran?” John raised his voice, drowning out the warbling violin music. “YOU are the one who ran. I tried to talk to you that night. But…but I couldn’t find you anywhere.”
He shrugged. “They called me into the station. I wanted to be there for you, but what could I do?” A smile appeared along with his tongue.
John smiled back, clenching his teeth and forcing his quivering lips to stay upturned. “Part of the job.”
“How about some orange chicken then?” Jacques said, looking over to the board
“I’m not that hungry.”
“We can split it. How does that sound?”
“If you want, go put in the order.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m really not that hungry.”
“But monsieur, I don’t want to eat it all on my own.”
“If you order it I will have some.”
Jacques nodded, pushed out his chair, sending grating noises throughout the restaurant. “One orange chicken coming up.”


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