Paragraph of the Week (15)

Already at 15 and we still got a ways to go with this story. Hope everyone can remember how it started, and if not, check it out (but don’t worry, at the end I’ll just post the whole thing). Here’s to another week!

Most of the buildings outside were small and squat, but in the distance, the skyline jutted into the low hanging clouds. He had been in this city for about a month, staring at the reaching, pointed structures, and each time he looked at them, his eyes could pick out a hint of smoke. That was how it always started. Just a little smoke. Soon, he would see the light from the fires and then the flames themselves. The fires would grow and grow until the buildings were gone. It wouldn’t take long for the city to be engulfed, but by then, he would already be long gone. The quest to keep his sanity wasn’t going as planned.


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