Paragraph of the Week (Part 13)

Uh oh, unlucky 13. But, if you’ve been following the story, you’ll have found that John has already had his fair share of bad luck. And before we begin, just wanted to make a note and say I might be starting something new here. We’ll see. I’ll make a post about it soon and we can see how much interest there is in it (hint, it has to do with query letters and making them shine). Until then, have fun with a paragraph.

The next day, John went to Jacques’ apartment. He knocked and knocked and knocked. There was no reply. The gnawing, nagging voice began eating away at his sanity. Nothing. John went to the apartment manager and interrogated him. He said Jacques had left. Maybe he was just going crazy. He tried to ask questions around the station, but no one knew anything. Throwing his badge to the captain, John went on a quest for answers, but more importantly, on a journey to keep control over his mind.


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