Paragraph of the Week (Part 12)

Did you think I would forget this two Saturdays in a row? Of course not! How I could deprive you all of the Paragraph of the Week? I mean I’m cruel, but not that cruel. And to prove that, I’m doing TWO paragraphs this week…not because they were small or anything. So have fun and read just a little!

John collapsed, wailing into his white knuckled hands. When the fire died and the fireman ok’ed the area, John wandered inside, picking through the rubble, trying to find something, anything of hers, of theirs. The CSI’s soon ushered him away, but before they could, John saw something: a fedora. Jacques’ fedora.

The police asked him questions. He answered, leaving Jacques out of the equation. John knew the system, knew what they would do. That wouldn’t work; he wanted to handle it his own way.


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