Paragraph of the Week (Part 10)

And with this paragraph of the week, we’ve hit 50 posts here! Hurray! I thought I would think of something special to do for 50, but since I couldn’t, I’ll do it for 100 (which isn’t THAT far away…). For now, enjoy the next section of paragraph of the week.

Their house had been consumed in flames; the fire ate away the wood siding, breaking in through the roof and leaving holes where torrents of black smoke rushed into the night. The fire engines were just arriving when John pulled up. He leapt out of his squad car before he had a chance to fully take in the scene. His toe caught on the sidewalk and he tumbled to the ground. He was encased by the beautifully horrifying smell of burning wood. He was pressed into the concrete by the waves of overwhelming heat. He was drowned out in the ocean of flames, in their roars and bellows, in their immense, hope shattering intensity. And, he was already feeling the despair seep into his bones.


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