Paragraph of the Week (Part 9)

After missing a post on Thursday (somehow I managed to post feeling worse on Tuesday, but I guess the dehydration caused an already poor memory to fade a little more), I’m back for the usual Saturday fun. I’ve also noticed this blog is zeroing in on 50 posts! Might have to do something cool, or at the very least, different then. For now, enjoy the paragraph of the week!

The day his wife had died, the call came in at 1:12 am. It was the one night Jacques had off and John was doing patrol on his own. The call was like all the other calls he got, squeaky and uninterested. At first, the address didn’t click with him; it lingered in his mind, a ghoul clawing its way to his core. When the shock and disbelief wore off, John slammed the gas pedal.


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