The Waiting Game

Everyone has played the always fun waiting game. From kids on Christmas Eve, twitching in their beds and thinking of the presents they will soon receive, to the grandparents sitting in their favorite chair, sipping tea, and waiting for their children and grandchildren to come over and visit, we all wait. And while we all wait, I believe there is no one who waits more and has more patience than a writer.


I must say, I never used to be a patient person. I wanted everything done quickly and waiting for any results was torture. All of that changed when I started submitting works to publishers and agents. I soon learned that a few years (an inconceivably long amount of time in my old view) is just a drop in the bucket. Now, most people would expect a huge rant here. That’s not going to happen. In fact, I’m HAPPY waiting. Here’s why.

They say patience is a virtue and that is true. Being patient and waiting for good things to come your way, things you have no control over, is a good way to control stress. Most people freak out over the little things (and most of these things they have no control over), which leads to stress and health issues. Learning how to wait teaches you how to let go of those little things, be it the guy that cut you off in traffic, the stock that just keeps ticking down, or the friend that doesn’t want to show up on time, and let go of stress. Not only does waiting help relieve stress, it also makes the reward at the end of the tunnel that much better. For example, imagine the thing you most want in life. If you could have it tomorrow or in three years, which would you pick? Tomorrow, right? But think of it this way, that thing you want only becomes better and better the more you wait for it. Obtaining something easily, well, that’s just too easy. Without fighting for your dreams, without waiting for your dreams, the prize won’t be as cherished.

So I wait for agents and publishers and editors. And that’s fine. They are busy (and I’ve learned to keep myself busy with new work) and can’t get to everything right away. So, I’ll wait. The reward will be that much better when it comes.



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  1. Waiting also helps to filter out the things we do not actually care about.

    There was a study last year that showed waiting even five minutes before deciding whether or not to buy something almost eliminated buyer remorse.

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