Paragraph of the Week (Part 7)

Once again, it is time for the paragraph of the week. We’re starting to see a story here, but we got a ways to go before we get to the end (and maybe you’ll get bored before then), so look over the other paragraphs of the week if you forgot what’s been happening.


It hit the rocks and chimed. John cringed, took a deep slow breath, and turned. A piece of him was on the rocks. John felt hollow, felt the wind rustling in his core, howling at where his heart had once lay. It was needed. It was something he had been working up to ever since the day after her death. He needed to talk with that man and either confirm or invalidate his suspicions. More importantly, he needed to regain some of the sanity he had lost.


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  1. I think it’s “where his heart had once lain.”

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