Reinventing the Writer

The title says it all. In today’s publishing world, the writer is trying to be reinvented. How you ask? Just look at this.

The publishers want writers to be this (though for the regard, I do love Iron Man, this is just an example):


When writers are really this:


Why? The answer isn’t simple, there are a lot of factors that have helped changed the publishing world. But, in short, because of condensing, publishing companies of all sizes cannot spend the time or resources to promote every book. And that’s not a good thing for the writer who is like that last picture. And most writers are like that. Most writers watch as the world goes by and then writes about that experience. Most writers aren’t the ones in the center of the party, calling for more beer and shouting in joy. No, most writers would be sitting in the corner, watching this all go down, thinking about how cool this or that would be in their work.

If you change the writer and make him/her into a marketing/salesperson, you changed the writing. There will be a different focus in the writing, a different way the sentences are constructed, and maybe most frightening, a different quality to the writing.

I’m not saying publishers should change what they are doing (even though I would like that), I understand they are doing what they have to. But with these changes, they will have to accept the writing will change. They will have to accept the great writers like Hemingway and Faulkner will be replaced by Snooki and Brad Pitt (and let’s face it, Snooki and Pitt are not writers and the quality of writing will show this). Because that is what they want. And if you look at books like 50 Shades of Gray, that is what they are getting.


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