Paragraph of the Week (Part 4)

We are now back to our regularly scheduled program (though I will reblog the guest blog post next week because I enjoyed it so). Before we get to the paragraph of the week, I would like to mention that if anyone else is interested in doing a guest blog, I would be more than happy to accommodate. Just send me an email (look on the contact page) and we can set it up.

Ever since he lost his wife, John had come to some source of water. It wasn’t because the waves were calming or the scents of water gave him some sort of comfort, but it was because he could see her again. It was simple. He was a movie theatre. His mind took on the roll of the projector and his eyes the screen. There was still something missing, the most important part of any good movie: the film. The waves became this. With them, he could see the fire that killed her, he could relive that last memory of their burning house over and over and over again. It was painful, truly agonizing, but needed. It was the only way his brain would allow him to see her again, and if that meant seeing her twisted, burning face banging on the glass and slipping to the floor, then he would watch that grisly movie a thousand times over.


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