Paragraph of the Week (Part 2)

And here once again, is the paragraph of the week (which once again I’ll bump up to two for a bit more length). Enjoy!

A ticking noise sounded every time his left foot tapped the pavement. He scrunched his nose, his head twisting to the left and right, his mouth opening and closing, sounding words that couldn’t escape his vaulted throat.  The sound vanished and John was convinced he had just been hearing distant wind chimes.

It returned, a mocking, tolling chime. He stopped and lifted his left shoe, expecting to see a thumb tack. There was nothing. John sighed and continued. Stopping again, he bent down, the rusty skeleton key around his neck clinking against his coat’s zipper. Half smiling, half frowning, John grabbed the key and pressed it into his palm, feeling the cool metal chill his flesh.


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