The New Paragraph of the Week Series!

An idea came to me the other day: I need to post more writing material on this blog. So, once a week I will add in a new feature where I post a paragraph of writing. It may be edited, it might not be (and if it isn’t, I’ll do a follow up later and show the changes). So, to start this new blog series, I’ll be posting paragraph by paragraph of a short story. So here is a literary piece known as ‘Waves.’ This week I’ll do two paragraphs since the first one is a little short, enjoy!


The park was barren and cold, full of snow and frost and memories of summers long gone. Ice encased trees shivered. A dust devil, whipping up loose snow, swirled around John as he walked past an open field; it churned and died.

John had walked to the lake every day for the past month. It had become a ritual ever since his wife’s death, a spiritual mending for a battered and ripped soul. What started as something he wanted to do became something he had to do, and maybe it was always something he needed, some source of warped comfort.



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2 responses to “The New Paragraph of the Week Series!

  1. Nice post. Thanks so much for sharing. ❤

  2. Good luck! I’ll be reading. I said that to myself a couple days ago.

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