Publishing Wars: Traditional vs Self

Maybe some of you have been waiting for this one. And after a long, busy week (where I may or may not have forgotten to post yet), I’m finally going to tackle the subject.


Now, before I begin, I want to start off by saying I am not an expert and anyone who claims to be an expert (unless they have legitimate credentials and experience) is really not. There is blog after blog filled with writers rambling on about self-publishing and traditional publishing. They claim to be experts. Most aren’t. So don’t take what you read and think it the absolute truth (this just so happens to be a smart thing to do with just about everything).

Let’s look at a quick list of pros and cons.

Traditional: They have editors to look over your work, some (note some, you still have to do promotion yourself) publicity that will work with you, and probably more money upfront and maybe even more money in the end. Cons: Not easy to get into, you aren’t guaranteed success (and this is what stings so many, they believe once they get in, success is all but a sure thing), and a lengthy process.

Self: Your books can be quickly published, you control all aspects of the process, and no need to jump through hoops just to get published. Cons: you won’t have editors unless you pay, and even if you do, the quality of your novel might not be as good, most likely (let’s not look at exceptions and assume both sides would be doing the same amount of promotion) make less money, and you will be a group of thousands of others, so your book might get lost (I know, you are thinking it would be the same in traditional, but you will stand out a little if the publisher throws a little weight behind it).

The first question in everyone’s mind is probably: well, tell us already, which one is better? A complicated question that really has no right or wrong answer. Authors have done well with both ways and there is no right or wrong path to take. Personally, I prefer traditional publishing (I await a mob of angry writers who foam at the mouth about self-publishing to hunt me down) because I want my book to be at the best quality and have a better chance at standing out. But, if you want to be in control, self-publishing is the way to go. There is nothing wrong with it. Did I leave anything out?…eh probably…but we can get to those oversights (feel free to point them out) in part 2.



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3 responses to “Publishing Wars: Traditional vs Self

  1. I am open to the concept of doing my own publicity, but would quite like not to have to do all of it. I also would quite like the intellectual vanity of having a professional choose to pay me for my work after they have read it, instead of only knowing that word of mouth plus publicity convince people to take a risk.

    That said becoming a successful self-publisher would give me many areas of intellectual vanity to mine. 🙂

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