Talking about Fantasy

Despite the name of this blog, it seems I have never once talked about fantasy. I thought that was due for a change, after all, I write fantasy, the blog says I live in other worlds, so…yeah…here we go!


I think fantasy is fun (obviously) and I will go out on a limb and say every single in this person in this world has created a fantasy world. Ever thought about being able to freeze time? You have a fantasy world. Ever thought about getting that great job? While possibly a future reality, if you don’t have it, then that is still a world of fantasy. What do I mean? Let’s look at the job example. By thinking of yourself in that awesome job, thinking of what would happen, thinking of the house you don’t have but would get, thinking of all the great stuff that would happen, you have created a fantasy world (i.e. one that currently does not exist). Ah but wait, there’s no dragons!!!


Well add some in…or don’t, it really doesn’t matter. Fantasy is a closer to all of us then some would like to think. But, that’s fine, in fact, it’s needed. The world is brutal. We all need something to keep us going, and imagining a different world, whether it is one full of dragons and magic or simply one with a better job, helps us get through the tough times. So enjoy those worlds, whether they are your creation or not. And if you are wondering how they are created, then you have a good question! We’ll be taking a look at that in the future and see what I do when I create a new fantasy world.


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