Part 3

Here’s the final part to the story we have been seeing. I guess it will be time to actually write some new content after this, the horror!


The man stood by a candy kiosk, oblivious to the world around him. His eyes darted from the bright light pouring out of the ceiling to the shops filled with gaudy displays. He glanced at a small girl, who was even more oblivious to the world than the man. She grasped for the light like it was a butterfly just out of her reach. When her hand produced nothing, she stomped the ground in a fit of selfish rage and went over to a nearby window.
The girl stared in the window, possibly waiting for something, possibly lost in thoughts of teacups and unicorns. The man stared at nothing, most likely lost in thoughts of sex and everything but unicorns. They were almost one in the same, both space cadets on a tour of duty, except it was an acceptable job for a little girl, not a grown man.
A woman with a handful of bags and phone in one hand, and babe in the other stepped onto the escalator. She was staring at a shop near the top, her eyes filled with hunger and lust. There was nothing else in her world. At the bottom of the escalator, the little girl stared up at her mother. She danced from one foot to the other as though she had to go visit the little girl’s room. Her faced twisted into a writhing mess of confusion and pitiful fear. Behind her, the man’s eyes could only follow the mother and her swaying breasts. A line of people were gathering behind the escalator. Their bellies lumbered to a stop and their snorts, sounding from near pushed up noses, showed their displeasure. Some shoved and pushed, others tapped their almost cloven feet, while one was content stuffing his face with a pretzel.
A shriek, one that could have come from a small monkey, pierced the air. The mother finally realized her girl wasn’t with her, and at this point should have realized her chances at mother of the year were quickly fading. The little girl stared up at her mother with woefully big eyes. Tears dribbled down her cheeks. The man stood there, maybe not even realizing what was happening. His face contained a silly grin, one better suited on a dumbstruck teenage boy.
The mother came back down the stairs, stumbling over the steps as though she was drunk, though the odds of her being drunk were only in the 40-50% range. The girl reached up to her mother while the man ran his hand through his oily, dark hair. It was an olympic feat for the mother, in flip flops, to hop down the steps and reach the girl—or would have been an olympic feat if bad parenting and stupidity was an event. She was almost to her child, reaching out to her. The child reached back. The man stared at the woman’s cleavage.
A crash and cry echoed through the mall. The child, with her back on the escalator, screamed and cried as the metal stairs churned up and up. Her hair inched towards the gears, towards relief from her current, tormented cries. For a moment, her mother stood there staring at her, a dull, emotionless look on her face. The man had almost the same look, but this one appearing more like the dunce who had just been called to answer a question in school. The DUUHHHH was almost heard.
The woman reached down to pick up her child. The people behind watched, eyes wide, spectators waiting for the glorious blood. As the escalator kept churning, kept bringing the pitiful child’s hair closer and closer to the side, the man took a step forward, turned his head, and stopped. The mother finally reached down and lifted up the screaming urchin. She rubbed her head, the mother went back to staring at the shop, and the man stepped onto the escalator, eyes still glued on the mother. Just a day in the life.


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