Part 2

After a little bit to digest the first part of the story, here is part 2.


Sara squinted at the light, smiling and trying to grab the rays with chubby, squat fingers. For a second, she thought she had grabbed a ray. Lifting it to her mouth and stuffing the ray inside, she munched on it while moving it from one side of her mouth to the other. It was not delicious, not exactly what she had been hoping for. She frowned and stomped the ground, turning her head away from the brightness with a huff.
She felt like she was in a jungle then. Sara glanced from place to place, hearing the constant murmur and noise like a thousand birds calling back to each other. She liked the jungle, liked being in the heart of it. Letting out a screech, she called back to the birds. There was no reply. She waited for a little bit, staring at the clothes hanging in one window. Sara glanced at some of the other shops in the mall, waiting for that elusive sound. There was still no reply. She huffed again, spun around, and ran to catch up with her mother.
Before her stood a monster. The jungle had produced a horror. Sara stared at the grinning beast. It was a snake, constantly moving upwards, spikes coming out of its back. She stopped at the edge of it and watched her mother step onto its back. Up she went, riding on the creature’s back. Sara shivered, her skirt shaking with her.
Sara wondered how her mother could step onto such a thing. Did she know it? Had they made some kind of deal? What would be the price of stepping on its back? Surely a creature like that would require a toll just like the troll under the bridge. Her face contorted into a giant O. Sara thought the toll might be little girls. The creature looked hungry; all that moving must make it really, really hungry. She took a step back, not wanting to be eaten up by the creature. Sara yelled for her mother, tried to tell her to get off the evil thing.
Her mom noticed her and began waving, urging her to step onto one of its spiked ridges. Sara was frozen. She couldn’t imagine stepping onto such a thing. Turning her head around, she noticed a man standing behind her. He was short and thin and had a silly look on his face. Sara wondered if he was scared too, after all, his eyes were glued on the escalator.
Sara turned her head around to see her mother coming back down the creature’s back. She was coming to save her! Juggling her bags, Sara’s baby sister, and that glowing box, her mother had a difficult time going against the creature’s will. She reached out her hand, Sara reached back. Her mother took a step down, and Sara took a step back.
The world spun around Sara for a brief instant before a writhing, splitting pain overtook her whole head. She screamed, reaching for the back of her head. The creature had gotten her! It had used one of its spikes to hurt her, and now, it was going to swallow her whole. But she couldn’t stand, didn’t even have time to think about the creature and its twisted plans for her. The pain was too much to bear. It blinded her, blotted out the noise of the jungle.
Sara saw the man behind her. He took a step forward. He stopped, turned his head to the side, and stared at her. Sara screamed even louder. The pain punched every part of her body and she knew soon the creature would eat her. A strong hand reached under her, pulled her up, and stood her on one of the spiked ridges. Sara, still crying and screaming, rubbed her head and knew she would hop up the stairs from now on.


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