Music and Writing

I think I mentioned I would talk about writing here, and I might not have gotten to it on the first post, but here I go!




Music and writing.  Do the two go together?  Is there some other catchy question I could throw in here? (DOES MUSIC GIVE YOU CANCER, FIND OUT AT 11!!!).


Simply put, I love listening to music when writing.  It drowns out any distractions (save for the music itself), but it also serves a purpose.  Certain music, certain beats and rhythms, give different feelings.  Try listening to a classical piece and a new Taylor Swift song, you are probably feeling different emotions, thinking different ideas.  For me, some songs just scream of a certain character.  I see that character with the song, and when I listen to the music, I can jump inside the character’s mind and really understand him or her.  Sometimes the music doesn’t matter (when I am really into the writing everything fades and I come back wondering how I skipped over twenty songs), but sometimes, it propels me into a different mind set and takes me to a new world.



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2 responses to “Music and Writing

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  2. I have tried writing both with and without music, and listening to different styles.

    Once I am into a spell of writing then any music seems to cut out the rest of the room. However, it takes me 10 – 15 minutes to shut off the part of my conciousness that is listening to the music, so music actually slows me down initially.

    Therefore if I sit down to write for a morning I will put music on, but if I want to benefit from a spare half-an-hour I aim for silence.

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